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August - December


UI Designer

UX Intern



Adobe Photoshop

Project Summary

Working closely with the Lead UX Designers, I researched and synthesized data to understand target users and created user flows that would showcase both the users as well as the freelance concierge users. Additionally I designed the UI for user's profile page, potential audio experience pages, and verification (for both user and to-be concierges). 


User Profile 

Audio Experience

ID Verification

Concierge Verification

** Please note that filler text is used instead of actual instructions and descriptions. 

Communicating with the founder Adam, he requested a more modern monochrome feel to the application, and this is what the results were. 

Desktop Landing Page

** Please note that filler text is used instead of actual descriptions. 

Working with the founder, Adam, I collaborated with him and the design team to create new wireframes for desktop and mobile application that showcases NoMade's different features.

Currently I am working with Vicente in researching and creating wireframes that would demonstrate user connections and features that promote that. 

User Flows

Collaborating with the lead UX designers, Vicente and Domingo, I created these user flows to indicate the process users would go through when using the application. 

Through doing so, it showcased the different decision points and application screens that NoMade users would encounter, which in turn is beneficial to creating wireframes and design work. 

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