I'm a User Experience Designer that is dedicated to creating not only aesthetically pleasing but meaningful experiences.

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I come from a background in the legal and service industry that provides me with an analytical and interpersonal advantage.

Now, as a designer I utilize those experiences along with the UX process to create empathetic and data-driven designs. ​

When I'm not busy doing design thinking, I love traveling, eating and taking care of my two dogs!


UX | Responsive Web Design

Twitch is an American video live streaming service.

This is not affiliated with Twitch.

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UX | Mobile Design Responsive Web

Upflex is the first global co-working network for teams.

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Nomade - Revolver Lifestyle

UI - Design Studio See Case 

Revolver Lifestyle helps digital nomads focus on their work while streamlining their work/life balance.

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UX | E-Commerce Responsive Desktop

UniGreeks is an exclusive female owned e-commerce vendor that specializes in Greek letter screen printing and embroidery


Gift Wise
UX | Concept Responsive Web Design
This concept project improves users' experiences of buying gifts.


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